Share Registration

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We have our own in-house system and a team of trained staff to provide the software.
We have also developed a full range of programs to handle various corporate actions, namely, IPO, rights, takeover, share transfers and dividend/ interest payments.

Our Services

  • Share registration services for IPO and other corporate exercises
  • Maintain registers of members and warrants
  • Process share transfers, transmission and splitting
  • Register dividend mandates, grants of probates, power of attorney and memorandum and articles of association
  • Process and replace lost share certificates
  • Process dividend payments and dividend warrants/ tax vouchers
  • Collation of shareholders’ statistics for management review and for the annual report
  • Preparation of reports to meet with CDP’s and SGX-ST’s requirements
  • Registration of shareholders at general meetings of companies
  • Providing up-to-date Register of Members and Register of Account Holders from CDP.